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Jeanine Adkisson



I am a musician, composer, and producer with extensive community experience in project, social media, and event management. I also have experience with platforming game design, and player testing. I also have a 15-year career in web services development behind me. I am a Swiss Army knife of skills, capable of wearing many hats, and would flourish in a small games studio.

I am a US citizen and permanent resident of Canada. I live in Toronto and am willing to work locally or remotely. I can accept payment either in CAD or USD, and require no additional visas to do work for US, Canadian, or other companies.

Music Portfolio

I play piano and percussion. I have been making electronic music since 2014 in a wide variety of genres, mostly involving a fusion of retro game music, dance music, blues, and funk.

I tend to favour the more melody-forward style of game music over the more modern movie-ambient style. I am not afraid of loops. I have a background in jazz, marching percussion, and band arrangement, and a formal education in classical harmony.

A few selections from my discography:

Project highlights

  • (2021-present) Maj7 Community Organizer
    • Designed, organized and released multiple editions of two unique collaboration events:
    • Created and organized event sign-ups, logistics, and managed crediting.
    • Mastered the releases, designed the track ordering
    • Provided detailed feedback to artists to ensure their tracks were something they could be proud of
    • Designed and produced the visual presentation, using shader art and custom spectral analysis with NumPy/SciPy
    • Promoted the events and managed announcements before/during/after the events
    • Archived the results on bandcamp with proper metadata and tagging
  • (2021-2023) Super Wagon World (Banned Wagon Team)
    • Managed a large volunteer group of level designers, ran extensive playtesting, and implemented countless bugfixes and revisions
    • Created the website, directed the writing of the story, designed and implemented the code system.
    • Managed the production of release materials, coordinated with large streamers, and mitigated various availability challenges.
    • Wagon World content now totals over 3 million views on Youtube, and countless other streams.
  • (2023-present) Open Course World
    • Designed the onboarding flow, wrote and implemented all of the onboarding tutorials,
    • Launched several speedrunning events and managed the social media of the project
  • (2020-present) Taisei Project
    • Composed and produced three Touhou-style tracks for the soundtrack, in the style of the existing soundtrack.

Programming career highlights

  • (2020-2023) Opencounter Designed and implemented the computation system - designed for programming by non-programmers
  • (2012-present) Rouge Project Wrote and maintained a popular community library and managed an extremely busy github project.
  • (2016-2017) Gitlab Overhauled the permissions and authentication system so cleanly they turned it into an open source library
  • (2011-2012) Desmos Designed, implemented, and performance-tuned the math expression input system
  • Other previous employers include Causes.com, UL Environment (previously GoodGuide), and CDS/SNC.

Other Projects


  • UC Berkeley. Bachelors in Music, Bachelors in Mathematics
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology. Masters in Mathematical & Computing Sciences (programming languages and system design specialist)


English (native), Japanese (N2: business-level)

References available on request.