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the jneen collective welcomes you to this here website


hi! i’m the jneen collective, also known as jneen or Jeanine Adkisson. i’m a composer, a streamer, a mario maker troll level designer and i used to spend a lot of my time programming. these days i just sort of make a lot of weird art.

my music

i make music with renoise but am also familiar with ableton. here are some things i like to make:

  • new synthesized sounds / chopping and rearranging short samples
  • harmonies and arrangements for existing melodic material
  • swagger bass lines
  • programmed drums that actually sound good
  • crystal clear melodies that really get stuck in your head
  • improvised content mixed with programmed content, and tunes/mixes that blur the line between the two
  • manual chiptune-style tracker effects to really bring out the expressiveness of an instrument
  • little pixel sketches to go with the tracks i release

here are a couple of tracks you should listen to if you want!

mario maker 2 ocremix

this track was originally made for the banned wagon team’s trailer, but ended up becoming a lot more. featured on ocremix, it has a couple fun reharmonizations (using bII instead of IV, and a fun chromatically descending dominants thing) and samples from the game and from classic rave chops. see if you can catch all the references :3

awakening consciousness

made for a 2-hour composing event, this track uses fairly free harmony, breakbeat slicing, and hand-drawn chip sounds to create an otherworldy, alien texture. perfect for a weird boss fight.

learning has occurred

made for @eevee’s chips-challenge fangame “lexy’s labyrinth”. uses mostly programmed elements to create the “90s edutainment game” vibe. (art by @eevee)

hang on

this is maybe the most ambitious track on my 2021 album “the longest time”. featuring my good friend Charles Chen on piano, this attempts to meld together the sounds of tracker dance music with classic jazz improvisation. during charles’ solo, the comping on drums and tradeoffs with the FM horns are entirely manually programmed synthetic improvisation.

other stuff

i’m the primary organizer of maj7’s every-once-in-a-while big cover ring. this is a really cool event i started where everyone gets together and covers each others’ tracks secretly, and we all have a listening party at the end. it’s a lot of music but it’s all worth a listen if you’ve got the time. think of it as digital fusion to study to or somethin.

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